Lituania 2013

 2013 SAME Group
2nd International Conference of Spirituality and Music Education (SAME)

 Spirituality, Music and Education in a Cultural Context

27th – 29th June 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania

The SAME group has been set up in response to the growing interest in the notion and place of spirituality in music education. Its main aims are to:  establish and maintain an international community of music education academics, researchers and practitioners with a particular interest in the role of spirituality in their work;  provide music educators with specific tools and methods to integrate spirituality into everyday music education practice; foster inter-cultural and inter-spiritual dialogue, understanding and collaboration among practitioners and researchers in the field of music education, and other relevant fields of music practices with a spiritual component; and promote a spiritually sensitive and informed culture in music education practice and research.

The aim of this conference, run in conjunction with Vilnius University, is to look at the above aspects of spirituality in relation to the contemporary cultural context of globalization, whilst still remembering the importance of the individual. Education is to be taken in its broadest sense to include all aspects of music in relation to well-being.

The SAME conference took take place on the campus of Vilnius University, one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in central and eastern Europe.  It was founded in 1579 by King Stefan Batory when Pope Gregory XIII deemed that the Jesuit college could become a university. Since then it has been a centre of culture and learning through countless regimes and storms of history.