Amazing 40 new members in 5 weeks – No discussion, No pictures

Great we have new members…. At least 1/2 a day! Interesting that no one has created a background picture or profile picture. Why did you join? What is the intent? Share! Anyone have something to share? Start a topic? Add to a topic? Are these new members going to any […]

New/Updated Registration Process and Directory

New and old members… There is an updated new login/registration page and process. You can add more information to your profile and larger profile and background pictures to display on the member directory. All always you can start and contribute to discussions. Any word on the next conference? Check it […]

Any new news?

Anyone have an news on professional workshops, or conferances? Do you have annoying you would like to post? You may do so here on the post link (but need to submit it) or in the discussion forms… post  a new topic, or here in another easy link forum.